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YU Gang Had a Meeting with Students in the Aptitude Oriented Teaching Plan

YU Gang, Dean of SOE was invited to have a meeting with students of the “Aptitude Oriented Teaching Plan” of 2011 spring semester in Room 406 of SOE building. The topics of the meeting touched on the subjects like “Professional Development” and undergraduate student “Personal Growth”.By answering students’ question, Professor YU encouraged students to know how to carry on a self-assesment in the complicated sociaty, find the real interest and value, and be one’s own master. Yu Gang pointed out that “The solution of environmental problems does not only depend on technology, but also on policy, science and so on. It’s the result of combined actions.He hoped that the students could be the talents in all aspects. “I hope that by 2050, when the clean water and blue sky project has realized in China, environmentists of Tsinghua University would play an irreplaceable role in this progress!” he said.