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Haruhiko Kuroda, President of Asian Development Bank, Made a Speech in SOE

  Haruhiko Kuroda, President of Asian Development Bank, visited Tsinghua University on March 23th, and made a speech on the issue of water security cooperation between China and Asian Development Bank(ADB) aiming at addressing the water resource problems in the lecture hall of SOE. The topic of the speech is “Ensuring Water for All: PRC-ADB Water Security Cooperation”. Chairman of academic committee of Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician QIAN Yi presided the speech. 


  Haruhiko Kuroda pointed out in the lecture that water crisis has been becoming the biggest threat to the realization of Asian sustainable development. He analyzed the current situation of Asian water resources and challenges confronted in the future and stressed the importance of international cooperations in tackling water resources problems. ADB is endeavoring to improve Asia’s problem-solving ability in the water crisis, embarking on a new water running framework, and of which, the most importmant things are water utilization efficiency improvement, wastewater management and recycling, good govermance and integrated water resource management. Over the past 25 years, ADB has established a good cooperational relationship with China in the field of water resource management, and will continue to support the research on and development of water management and water security in China.