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Division of Ecology

The main research interests of the Division of Ecology (DOE) are conservation ecology, regional ecological assessment, microbial ecology, ecosystem genomics, and environmental health. DOE offers five courses to undergraduate and graduate students, which are Principles of Ecology, Regional Ecological Assessment, Restoration Ecology and Applications, Biodiversity Conservation, and Remote Sensing and Health. The education and research purposes are to help students develop the ecological awareness and ability to apply ecological theories, methods and techniques to solve problems, and expose them to world-class researches in the field of ecology. Specifically, DOE engages in the following research areas:

Ecosystem responses to climate change with focuses on pattern-process relationships

Environmental microbial gene and function

Biodiversity discovery and conservation

Regional ecological balance and high capacity maintenance

Impacts of climate change on human health

Integration of theory, method and application for macro- and micro- ecology; and

Ecological management and policies relevant to ecological compensation and restoration