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Division of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Division of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering (DWSDE) actively participates in teaching, research and engineering application in environmental engineering and civil engineering (water supply and discharge engineering). DWSDE was merged from the two previous divisions of water pollution control and water science and engineering that had a long history in the school. Focusing on the studies of engineering technologies,  DWSDE is committed to developing cutting-edge technologies for engineering applications and education. The research areas include water and wastewater engineering, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, technical and engineering economy, engineering design, and construction management. The ongoing projects focuses on the studies of membrane technology, rural distributed wastewater treatment system, water supply and drainage engineering technology, plumbing technology, feces and urine source-separation technology, electro-chemical process water quality solution, etc.

DWSDE undertakes many projects at national, ministerial, and provincial levels, for example, 863 program, national science and technology special project, national science and technology key project, etc. DWSDE also collaborates closely with many famous international universities, institutes, and companies. Students are encouraged to participate in course work, research projects, and internships that are provided by the division to gain engineering experience and design abilities.