Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering(简称:FESE)是由清华大学与高等教育出版社合作主办的英文学术期刊,由国际知名发行商Springer面向全球发行,钱易院士任主编,编辑部设在环境学院。FESE于2007年正式创刊,从2009年第1期开始被SCI收录,目前为双月刊。



Aims & Scope
Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering seeks to provide a forum for a broad blend of peer-reviewed academic papers in order to promote rapid communication and exchanges between environmental disciplines in China and abroad. Its coverage includes all main branches of environmental disciplines. It consists of high level authoritative critical reviews, research papers, policy analyses, and short communications. Highlights of pioneering progresses are especially welcome in developing and promising fields and the interaction fields between environmental disciplines and other disciplines, and in the fields of much importance to China, for example, the environment pollution control. The journal is strictly peer-reviewed and accepts only original submissions in English.