Prof. Kang Chongqing with Department of Electrical Engineering was Invited as Co-Editor-in-Chief of an International Journal in Power System

From January 2017 on, Prof. Kang Chongqing with the Department of Electrical Engineering was invited as co-editor-in-Chief of the international journal in power system called International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems with Prof. Badrul Chowdhury with University of North Carolina at Charlotte. At the same time, Zhang Ning and Zhong Haiwang, the teachers with the Department of Electrical Engineering, were invited as editorial board members. Information of the journal refers to :。


The journal whose former title was European Transactions on Electrical Power was founded in 1991 and it is one of the oldest journals in the world famous publishing group Wiley. In addition, the journal was changed to the current title in 2013. The journal reorganized the editorial board and invited the above two professors as co-editors as well as more than 20 scholars as editorial board members to form a new editorial board. The journal included in SCI has a considerable impact in the field of international power system research, focusing on the modeling, analysis, optimization and control of power generation, transmission and distribution system.