Prof. Christopher James with Warwick University, UK Give Seminars on the Writing of English Scientific Papers and Journal Submission

On the morning of February, 17, 2017, Prof. Christopher James with Warwick University, UK was invited to the Department of Electrical Engineering for making a speech called Technical Writing & Manuscript Preparation in Engineering Publications. The speech was hosted by Zhang Wan with China Office of IET and Associate Professor Zhang Ning with the Department of Electrical Engineering, and more than 70 teachers and students attended the speech. The speech was one of the special reports in Tsinghua University - IET Electrical Engineering Academic Forum.



From the perspective of scientific paper writing skills, Prof. Christopher James introduced how to prepare a high quality scientific paper and publish it in the engineering and technical publications. Prof. James first introduced the content selection, text logic, and article structure, and he emphasized the importance of figure and table and the selection of vocabulary. After that, Prof. James introduced the process of paper review, cycle and the focus of editor and reviewers tend to pay attention to from the perspective of a journal editor. At last, Prof. James detailedly answered some questions proposed by participating teachers and students. The speech lasted for nearly two hours.


Prof. Christopher James is a biomedical Engineering and neural network science professor with Warwick University, UK. At the same time, he is the chief-editor of Healthcare Technology Letters. His main research field consists of technology in biomedical signal and form, human brain electromagnetic wave analysis, human-computer interaction design and other biomedical innovation research. Now he has published more than 160 journal and conference papers in the field of neural science, and he was awarded The Prestigious Sir Monty Finniston Achievement Medal by IET in 2013.

Tsinghua University - IET Electrical Engineering Academic Forum is a traditional academic communication activity for all doctoral students in the school. The forum is sponsored by Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Institution of Engineering and Technology(IET) and Journal Center of China Electric Power Research Institute. In addition, the forum is undertaken by Graduate Student Association and Department of Electrical Engineering. The forum invites postgraduate students from Tsinghua University and other universities and research institutions in the field of electrical engineering and related directions with the theme ‘Building a New Form of Future Power System’. The forum will be held in San Bao Academic Base of Tsinghua University, Beijing in early May,2017.