Prof. Hongbin Sun was Elected Vice Chairman of EC of WFEO

2016 annual meeting of Word Federal Engineering Organization (WFEO) was held in Peru, capital of Lima, from December 3rd to 9th. Under the recommendation of China Association for Science and Technology, Prof. Hongbin Sun as a member of the energy committee attended the annual meeting and was elected vice chairman of Energy committee(EC) of WFEO.


Hongbin Sun attended the 2016 annual meeting of WFEO

Hongbin Sun attended the meeting of EC of WFEO on December 4. Under the proposal of the chairman, Mr. Samuel Grossman, the EC hold a vote and Hongbin Sun was elected vice chairman. Subsequently, Hongbin Sun made a special report on the "Energy Internet", which elaborated on the causes of energy Internet, the concept and structure of energy Internet, the current research progress. He pointed out that the energy internet was a new generation of integrated energy system which deeply associate multi energy flow system and Internet and was the future of sustainable energy. At the same time, he introduced the Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University. Hongbin Sun proposed to the commission to carry out energy internet research initiatives, and put forward three specific tasks in the first phase: (1)complete a Energy Internet Brochure and release to the world; (2) set up Energy Internet Working Group and invite committee members to participate; (3) put these work results as a specific contribution of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). This propose was unanimously endorsed and adopted by the members of the committee, and he was appointed chairman of the Energy Internet Working Group.


Hongbin Sun made a special report on the EC of WFEO

In addition, Hongbin Sun attended the WFEO Engineering Education Committee meeting on December 3rd and the WFEO Technological Innovation Committee meeting on December 4th. On the Engineering Education Committee meeting, Hongbin Sun pointed out that the rapid development of the global innovation and entrepreneurship education had become the development trend of global education, and suggested that the objectives and scopes of the committee’s work should be adjusted to add this content, especially the technology innovation and entrepreneurship education components. The proposal was unanimously endorsed and adopted by the Committee. Hongbin Sun participated in the “World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2016”(WECDRR 2016) from December 5th to 6th. On December 7th, Hongbin Sun attended the chairman meeting of WFEO Committee.


Hongbin Sun spoke at the WFEO Engineering Education Committee meeting

The Chinese representatives attending the WFEO annual meeting also include the president of Nankai University, Ke Gong, vice minister of International Relations Department of China Association for Scinece and Technology, Qinglin Wang, former secretary general of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, Ruomei Li, deputy secretary general of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Runhua Lin, professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xila, Liu, professor of Department of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University, Jianping Wu etc. On December 6th ,Ke Gong made a keynote speeche on WECDRR 2016. Jianping Wu was appointed as the member of the WFEO Environmental Committee.


The Chinese delegation attending the WFEO annual meeting

Founded in 1968, under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO), WFEO(Word Federal Engineering Organization)is the world's largest non-governmental engineering organization which brings together national engineering organizations from over 90 nations and represents more than15 million engineers from around the world. Also WFEO is one of the most important international organizations that China Association for Scinece and Technology joins in representing of our country. WFEO is a A-level advisory body of UNESCO and a consultative body of United Nations Industrial Development Organization which contains energy, environment, innovation, disaster reduction, information and communication, education and so on ten specialized committees. As the core institution to promote the work of WFEO, each specialized committee carries out academic activities independently.

Hongbin Sun is professor of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University, China national distinguished teacher, Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, China National Ten Thousand Talents, Distinguished Young Scholar of National Science Fund, IET Fellow, elector of New century national project of hundred, thousand and ten thousand talents, National Outstanding Middle-aged Expert, State Council Expert for Special Allowance. Hongbin Sun’s technical areas include electric power system operation and control, smart grid and energy internet. He is the founder and executive chairman of the Energy Internet Xiangshan Science Conferences, vice chairman of WFEO Energy Committee, chairman of the Energy Internet Working Group, chairman of IEEE Smart Grid Voltage Control Working Group, a member of the editorial board and editor of IEEE Trans on Smart Grid、Applied Energy、IET RPG、IET GTD and many other international journals. He received the Second-Class Prize of China National Technology Innovation Award and the First-Class Prize of China National High Education Achievements Award. He also has developed a system-wide automatic voltage control system (AVC) which has been applied to 56% total conventional generating capacity and 37% of total wind/solar generation capacity of China.The innovative AVC broke through three rigorous information security checks and was implemented in PJM grid of the capital of the United States and thirteen eastern states. It is the first real-life AVC implementation in America and marks China's advanced power grid control technology exported to the United States for the first time.