Professor Wang Xinxin’s Team Won the National ‘High Voltage And Discharge Plasma’ Academic Conference Outstanding Paper Award

The first National Symposium on ‘High Voltage and Discharge Plasma’ was held at the New Metropolis Hotel in Beijing from 26 to 27 November 2016. Wang Xinxin,Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering, was invited at the opening ceremony to do the special report about ‘Parshen law and gas discharge similarity’. The report drew the extensive attention and praised by the participants. The paper, named ‘Atmospheric pressure helium radio frequency α mode glow discharge electron number density analysis and plasma impedance characteristics of the study’ won the excellent paper award. In this paper, the first author of the paper is a master named Jiao Junkai and corresponding author is associate professor Luo Haiyun. The doctor Cai Yuanji, directed by Associate Professor Guan Yonggang, won the excellent poster award.

The meeting was sponsored by China Electrotechnical Society's Plasma and Application Committee. More than 110 colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and 431 enterprises participated in the conference. There were 132 articles and 281 abstracts in Chinese and English. Academician Chen Weijiang and other five scholars did the special report of the General Assembly and then nine scholars of the club invited to report, 137 scholar oral report and 88 posters by high voltage, pulse power and plasma three themes were synchronized. The conference has a total of six excellent papers, nine outstanding oral reports, twelve excellent posters.

Based on the one - dimensional approximation model of the RF discharge, the analytical solution of the electron density in the plasma of the atmospheric pressure RF discharge is deduced for the first time. The rationality is verified by experiments and simulation. The method is more convenient and accurate than the method of solving the higher order equation in the past, and enriches the measurement method of the density of the radio frequency plasma at atmospheric pressure.



Professor Wang Xinxin did a special report at the opening ceremony

Jiao Junkai did oral report of RF plasma


Meeting outstanding paper award photo, the left three is Professor Wang Xinxin, the fourth is the master Jiao Junkai