The Forum of “THU-DTU Joint on Renewable Energy” was Successfully Held

On October 12, 2016, Department of Electrical Engineering and Technical University of Denmark jointly held a forum entitled ‘"THU-DTU Joint on Renewable Energy".

 Professor Pierre Pinson of Technical University of Denmark presided this forum with Assistant Professor Zhang Ning of Department of electrical engineering, Tsinghua University. Assistant Professor Jalal Kazempour, Postdoctor Athanasios Papakonstantinou and PhD student Lesia Mitridati of Technical University of Denmark, as well as Professor Kang Chongqing, Associate Professor Cheng Lin, Assistant Professor Lin Jin and more than 20 graduate students of department of electrical engineering participated this forum.

The forum consisted of 8 thematic reports, among which Professor Pierre Pinson of Technical University of Denmark and his team did 4 reports, Assistant Professor Zhang Ning, Postdoctor Yan Xing, PhD student Geng Zhaowei and Wang Yi did the other 4 reports. This forum introduced the latest research results of both sides on the electric power market, energy systems, big data and other hot topics in power system, which caused a lively discussion among the participating teachers and students.