Team Introduction

Power System and Its Automation

    Digital Power System

    Flexible Transmission & Distribution Systems

    Smart Grid Technology

    Electric Power Control Center

    Power System Stability and Control

    Dynamic Power System

    Power Economics and Information

    Power System Protection

    Power System Identification and Security Monitoring


High Voltage and Insulation Technology 

  Advanced Power Transmission Technology

  High Voltage Insulation

  Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering & Energy

  Gas Discharge and Plasma

  Intelligent Power Equipmentc


Power Electronics and Electrical Machinery System

  Power Electronics and Motor Systems

  High Power and High Performance Control of AC Motors

  Power Conversion & Industry Application

  Electric Vehicles and Drive

  Applied Superconductivity & Power Electronics

  Electrical Machine Analysis and Control


Electrical Theory and New Technology

  Circuits and Systems

  Computation of Electromagnetic Fields and its Application

  Electromagnetic Measurement and Nondestructive Testing

  Power System Communications

  Water Cooling System for Power Electronics