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Students are required to complete a minimum of 23 credits from the following (about 10 courses)

1) Compulsory Courses (12 credits, S-Spring, F-Fall)

Chinese Language (2 credits- F)

Chinese Culture and Society (2 credits- F) 

Academic Activities (1 credit)

Literature Survey and Thesis Proposal (1 credit)        

Combinatorics and Algorithms Design (4 credits- F)

Object-Oriented Software Development Technology(3 credits- F)   /  Software development: from object-oriented to service-oriented(3 credits- F)

2) Elective Courses (no fewer than 11 credits, S-Spring, F-Fall)

Web Information Retrieval (3 credits-S)

Future Internet  (3 credits-S)     

Database Technologies (3 credits-S)

Human Computer Interaction Technologies (3 credits-S)

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (3 credits-S)

Topics in Advanced Multimedia Technologies (3 credits- F)

Process and Methods of Software Project Management (3 credits-F)

Architecture and System Software for Multi-core Processors (3 credits-F)

Other graduate-level courses offered by the department may be selected under the supervisor’s approval.