The Human Brain Project An Introduction by Prof. Sean Hill

The Human Brain Project An Introduction by Prof. Sean Hill



When/Where: November 6th 18:00 – 20:30

                          11 月6 日晚18:00 – 20:30

                          Visual Art Center, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University




18:00 – 18:30 Registration & Welcome Drink / 签到 & 欢迎酒会

18:30 – 19:30 Presentation of Professor HILL / 讲座

19:30 – 20:30 VIP Reception (on invitation only) / VIP 招待会 (仅限受邀宾客)


Participation:The presentation is open to all / 讲座免费对公众开放

The Embassy of Switzerland in China invites you to a public lecture on the Human Brain Project. The Human Brain Project is a European Flagship Project with total funding of more than 1 billion euros. It addresses one of the greatest challenges for modern science: understanding the human brain. The goal of the Human Brain Project is to pull together all our existing knowledge about the human brain and to reconstruct the brain,piece by piece, in supercomputer-based models and simulations.Dr. Sean HILL is a professor at the Brain Mind Institute of Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). EPFL coordinates the Human Brain Project and Dr. Hill is one of the principal investigators and the leader of the neuroinformatics platform of the HBP.

瑞士驻华大使馆邀请您参加人脑计划介绍讲座。人脑计划是欧盟未来新兴技术旗舰计划的两大项目之一,科研资金超过10 亿欧元,该项目将挑战现代科学最高难度:理解人类大脑。人脑计划旨在归纳对人类脑部现已掌握的知识,通过超级计算机逐步构建模型以模拟人脑。Sean Hill 博士是瑞士洛桑联邦理工大学大脑模拟研究所的教授,瑞士洛桑联邦理工大学是人脑计划的主协调单位。Dr. Hill是人脑计划的首席科研员之一,担任人脑计划神经信息学科研平台负责人。


Contact / 联系人

Mrs. Chenchen LIU / 刘晨晨

Science, Technology and Education Section

Swiss Embassy in the People's Republic of China

Sanlitun Dongwujie 3,100600 Beijing

+86 10 8532 8812;


Venue /

Visual Art Center, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua