Yang Qi    

 Associate Member

Education background

Aug. 2005 - May. 2010,Department of Physics, Harvard University,Ph. D. Degree in Physics

Thesis title: Spin and Charge Fluctuations in Strongly Correlated Systems

Advisor: Subir Sachdev

Sept. 2001 - Jul. 2005,Department of Physics, Tsinghua University,B. S. Degree in Physics and Mathematics 


Jul. 2010 onwards,Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University,Associate Member

May. 30, 2006 to Aug. 18, 2006,Sensor Physics Department, Schlumberger-Doll Research Internship

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

I have a broad interest in theoretical research of strongly correlated systems, including high-Tc superconductors, quantum spin systems and strongly correlated systems in cold atoms. I primarily study these systems with low-energy effective theory and field theory tools, and I am particularily interested in quantum critical phenomenons and related critical theory in these systems. In addition, I am also interested in topological orders and noval physics related to quantum phases in strongly correlated systems.

Honors And Awards

WHITE TEACHING PRIZE, For excellence in teaching of Physical Science 2(2008 Fall at Harvard University)

GOLD MEDAL ,32nd International Physics Olympiad(IPhO, 2001, Antalya, Turkey)

Academic Achievement

Insulator-metal transition on the triangular lattice,Yang Qi and Subir Sachdev,Physical Review B 77, 165112 (2008)

Quantum Phase Transitions beyond the Landau's Paradigm in Sp(4) Spin System,Yang Qi and Cenke Xu,Physical Review B 78, 014410 (2008)

Experimental observables near a nematic quantum critical point in the pnictide and cuprate superconductors,  Cenke Xu, Yang Qi and Subir Sachdev,Physical Review B 78, 134507 (2008)                                         

Dynamics and transport of the Z_2 spin liquid: application to κ-(ET)2Cu2(CN)3,  Yang Qi, Cenke Xu and Subir Sachdev,Physical Review Letters, 102, 176401 (2009)

Global Phase Diagram for Magnetism and Lattice Distortion of Fe-pnictide Materials,Yang Qi and Cenke Xu,Physical Review B. 80, 094402 (2009)

Fluctuating spin density waves in metals,Subir Sachdev, Max Metlitski, Yang Qi and Cenke Xu,Physical Review B, 80, 155129 (2009)

Effective theory of Fermi pockets in fluctuating antiferromagnets,Yang Qi and Subir Sachdev,Physical Review B, 81, 115129 (2010)