Research Center for AIDs Policy

Center of Medical Sociology,Tsinghua University was established in the year of 2001 and coordinated initiatives across multiple institutes involved in medical sociology work. School of Public Policy and Managemnet, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, School of Communication and Journalism, School of Law and School of Fine Art are participated in the operation of center.

In the AIDS/HIV area, our job is focus on professional training, advocacy and policy reform, applied research and public education and service. A muti-disciplinary team is developing an intergrated, modular “HIV/AIDS Policy Knowledge, and Skills Curriculum” that can be flexibly adapted to the particular needs and functions of the following groups Tsinghua plans to train. They are including legislators and policy advisors, lawyers and court personnel, policy officers, hight-ranking officials, AIDS project personnel, NGO workers, mass media and journalists. We can also conduct policy analysis and formulate policy recommedndations by staging simulated legislative hearings, tracking AIDS-related court cases, gathering narratives by AIDS patients to support legislative reform, promoting best practices and identifying bad practices. The last but not least, Tsinghua will expand its HIV/AIDS public service initiatives to include rendering free legal assistance to AIDS patients, developing innovative mass media messages, mobilizing students as volunteers for AIDS edncation, collecting and disseminating translations of key international documents on HIV/AIDS best practice and maintaining assistance to the AIDS Orphan Salvation of Fuyang City in Anhui. We adopt a collaborative and open-minded approach in working with our current and future partners in the fight against AIDS.