Research Center for Gerontology

I.  Mission Statement
  The aging of the population and the quality of life of the older persons are the critical concerns of the Chinese society. Tsinghua Gerontology Center is committed to multidisciplinary research on processes of aging to promote successful aging and an older population that is healthy and actively involved in the life of the community.

II.  Basic Objectives
  As a research institute that emphasizes both research and teaching, we aim to achieve the following goals in the years to come.
  Provide an academic environment for basic and multidisciplinary research on aging.
  Provide educational programs that are demanded by the aging of the Chinese society.
  Organize and coordinate the research on aging on and off campus.
  Becomes a think tank for social policies on aging in China

  • III. Academic Research
    Completed Projects:
      A Survey of the life and the Pattern of Social Support for the Older Persons in Beijing. (In collaboration with The City University of Hong Kong)
      A Review of the Development of Old Age Security Policy in China (Funded by the University Research Fund)
      A Comparative Study of Regulations and standards for the Design of Housing and Environment for the Older Persons. (In collaboration with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
      A Study of the Development of the Institutional Long Term Care for the Elderly and Its Social Implications in China.(Funded by the Univers Foundation from Japan)
      The Organization and Management of Community Services to the Elderly – A Case of Tsinghua Community (Funded by University Research Fund)

Ongoing Projects:
  A Prediction of the Trend for the Development of Long Term Care Facilities in Beijing and Suggestions for Administrative Planning
  A Study of Standardization for Health and Social Care for the Aged Population
  Dementia Related Genes and the Related Metabolic Regulation.

IV. Researchers:
Li Qiang, Professor. Research Areas: Social Stratification and Social Policy.
  Guo Yuhua, Ph.D., Professor. Researcher Areas: Generational Relationship
  Zhang Xiaojun, Ph.D.,Professor. Research Areas: Cognition and Culture
  Jing Jun, Ph.D., Professor. Research Areas: Family Relations of the Older Persons, Management of Community-based Elderly Services
  Pei Xiaomei,  Ph.D., Associate Professor.  Research Areas: Old Age Security and Long Term Care for the Elderly.
  Zhou Yanmin, Associate Professor. Research Areas: Architectural Design of Housing for the Older Persons.
  Cui Baoguo, Ph.D., Professor, Research Areas: Social Welfare and Mass Media
  Xie, Zuoping, Professor, Research Areas: Biology of Aging

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