Shen Yuan


Shen Yuan (Ph.D., CASS), Professor of Sociology

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Professor Shen Yuan is Deputy Chair of the department. Professor Shen’s research touches several fields in social theory. In recent years, Professor Shen has developed research projects on new economic sociology, state and society relation, the birth and development of civil society, urban social movement, and social intervention. His papers appear in Sociological Studies, Society, and other journals, including “Social Transformation and the Making of Working Class”, “The Generation of the Society”, etc.Professor Shen has published The Market, Class, and Society (Literature and Documentation of Social Sciences, 2007). Before coming to Tsinghua, Professor Shen worked in the Sociology Institute at CASS as Assistant Researcher, Associate Researcher, and the Director of Research from 1984 to 2000. He also worked as the Deputy Editor of Sociological Study.


Professor Shen’s main research interests include theory of methods of new economic sociology, sociology of organization.