Research Center for Anthropogy & Ethnology


Research Center for Anthropology and Ethnology of Tsinghua University, based in the building the basic unit of University integrating academic research and teaching, aims at training excellent anthropology professionals and contributing high-level academic achievements for society. We will actively make it a first-class research center.

Research Areas

The center mainly gives priority to the development of 7 areas, including Medical Anthropology, the Study of Chinese Ethnic Minorities, Historical Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Cognitive Anthropology, Overseas Anthropology, Cross Cultural Studies, while working with Medical School in the study of Biological anthropology. We undertake national and international research projects and develop extensive academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad.


Theory of Cultural Anthropology

Theory and Method of Anthropology

Research Method of Sociology-Case Studies

Medical Anthropology

Seminar for Historical Anthropology

Special Topics of Anthropology

The Study of Chinese Social

Classic Works of Anthropology Guidance 


The center establishes Fei Hsiao-T’ung Memorial academic lectures, Fei Hsiao-T’ung Academic Lecture Series, and WU Zelin Young Anthropologists Lecture Series.